Conference SYSINT

5th International Conference on System-Integrated Intelligence Intelligent, flexible and connected systems in products and production, June 3rd (Mon.) - 5th (Wed.), 2020: Bremen, Germany




This international conference provides a forum for academia and industry to disseminate their latest innovations and practices. The focus is set on integration of new, intelligent functionalities into materials, components, systems and products to enable future technologies with enhanced capabilities.

The conference provides a forum for academia and industry, centered around 6 main topics:

  1. Intelligent Systems: Enabling Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

    • Agent-based Planning and Reasoning
    • Applied Machine Learning and Data Mining
    • Self-* Systems (*: Adaptivity, Awareness, Configuration, Connectivity, Learning, Coordination)
    • Knoweldge-based Systems
    • Cloud-based Computing and Manufacturing
  2. The Future of Manufacturing: Cyber-Physical Production and Logistic Systems

  3. Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

    • Agent-based Computing and Agent-based Simulation
    • Agent Processing Platforms
    • Distributed Embedded and Mobile Systems
    • Ad-hoc and Mobile Networks
    • Sensor Networks (large-scale, material-applied or material-integrated, low-power, Smart Dust)
    • Crowd and Mobile Sensing
    • Smart Sensors
    • Smart Cities
    • Smart Energy Management (in sensor networks)
    • Data Mining from sensor data
  4. Structural Health Monitoring

  5. Systems Engineering

  6. Soft Robotics and Human-Machine-Interaction

Special Issue in Computers Journal

The authors of selected papers will be invited to submit an extended and revised version of the conference paper to the MDPI Computers journal, special issue SI3S (Short Title: System-Integrated Intelligence and Intelligent Systems).



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