PsiLAB2: Scientific and Numeric Research Software Environment

What is PsiLAB

PsiLAB has been developed for scientific research and data analysis. It is freely distributed in source code format under Gnu Public License, version 2. PsiLAB is written mainly in the functional language O'CaML developed at INRIA research laboratories. It's mainly made of three parts:

Main features of PsiLAB2 are:

PsiLAB2 uses the following external libraries, mainly written in Fortran:

PsiLAB2 is not only written in O'CaML, it is CaML. That means: if you are familiar with this programming language, you can write PsiLAB programs. And you can do all things with PsiLAB you can do with the generic O'CaML development system:

The O'CaML interpreter system, which is in reality a pure compiler concept, was chosen because of the high computation speed of this system and the high portability. You have the advantages of an interpreter like language (from the user point of view), but with performance comparable with C/C++ programs. All functions will be translated by the O'CaML compiler into a system and machine independent Byte Code. This Byte Code will be then executed on a virtual machine. Currently, you have a terminal driven environment with on-line help. Plots are printed to an additional X11 window or to a postscript file.

PsiLAB3: Scientific, Machine Learning and Numeric Research Software Environment