Programming Languages

ConPro. Concurrent Processing programming language for harwdare synthesis
Programmers Manual PDF HLS Framework PDF

AAPL. The activity-based agent programming languages for state-based reactive agents.

AgentForth. The agent Forth programming language implementing a subset of AAPL.
Programmers Manual PDF AFVM PDF

AgentJS- The JavaScript agent programming language implementing a subset of AAPL for the WEB and Cloud.
Programmers Manual AgentJS

LaCo/VDB. The virtual data base generator and programming languages. A Virtual Data Base System for CAD Applications: Principles, Programming, and API
Programmers Manual (2011) PDF

NoteBook. Markdown flavored notebook programming and formatting language for interactive tutorials and lessons in the WEB browser.

SEM. Agent simulation modelling language targeting the SESAM simulator (Kl├╝gel et al.); a new textual front-end for agent-based simulation using the graphical agent simulator SESAM.
Programmers Manual PDF