The following list shows an overview of my current and past software projects. Most software follows the KIS4 principle: Keep It Simple, Safe, Sexy, and Snappy.

  1. ConPro (Concurrent Programming) - High-level synthesis software for the design of parallel data processing on RTL (2006-2011)
  2. VUM (Virtual Unix Machine) - An extended OCaML programming environment with many extensions (2000-2006)
  3. VAM (Virtual Amoeba Machine) - A virtual machine for distributed systems based on OCaML and the Amoeba OS (2000-2006)
  4. Vertex Amoeba - An extended and updated version of the distributed Operating System Amoeba from the Vrije University for x86 platforms and embedded PCs (1999-2004)
  5. JAM (JavaScript Agent Machine) - An advanced Agent Processing Platform (APP) programmed in JavaScript supporting mobile agents programmed in JavaScript (2016-today)
  6. PsiLAB (Psi Laboratory) - An advanced numerical data processing framework based on OCaML (2000-2004)
  7. SEJAM (Simulation Environment for JAM) - A multi-domain Simulator on the top of the JAM APP for Agent-based Simulation and Agent-based Computing (2014-today)
  8. JAMlab (JAM Laboratory) - A JAM laboratory in a WEB browser (2018-today)
  9. LuaLab (Lua Laboratory) - A Lua programming laboratory in a WEB browser for lectures and distributed sensor network programming using LuaOS (2017-today)
  10. LVM (Lua Virtual Machine) - An extended Lua Virtual Machine with multi-threading, co-routines, and asynchronous IO event loop for embedded systems (2018-today)
  11. JVM (JavaScript Virtual Machine) - An extended JavaScript Virtual Machine for embedded systems with asynchronous IO event loop based on JerryScript an IoT.js (2017-2019)
  12. HsLab (Haskell Laboratory) - A Haskell IDE in a WEB browser (2018-2019)
  13. PL3 (Psi Laboratory Ver. 3) - An advanced numerical and machine learning data processing framework based on JavaScript (2018-today)
  14. SigFlow (Signal Flow Simulator) - A signal flow simulator in a WEB browser (2018)
  15. MaDoX (Extended Markdown Document Formatter) - An advanced and extended Markdown text compiler for scientific books, manuals, and multi-media presentations programmed in JavaScript based on original MaDoKo from Daan Leijen and an additional integrated simple mode compiler based on the marked parser (2017-today)
  16. LuaOS (Lua Operating System) - A distributed operating system layer programmed in Lua using LVM for heterogeneous and sensor networks (2017-today)
  17. SynDK (Synthesis Development Kit) - A generic virtual data-base driven compiler kit (2012-2016)
  18. SemC (SESAM Compiler) - An advanced agent behaviour compiler using SynDK and targeting the SeSAM agent simulator (2016)
  19. JC (JavaScript Compiler) - JavaScript analyzer and project builder (2018)
  20. NoteBook (Interactive WEB Tutorials) - A WEB browser tutorial compiler with interactive content entirely written and programmend using MarkDown+ (2019-today)
  21. WorkBook (WEB Data Analysis, Processing, and Simualtion) - A numerical data processing laboratory in the WEB browser for data analysis, machine learning, visualisation, and computation using JavaScript and SQLjson (2019-today)
  22. DocBook (WEB Documentation Project) - A WEB browser and SQL based documentation tool using MarkDown (2019-today)
  23. MadBook (WEB Book Editor) - An advanced MarkDown editor tool for any WEB browser and NW.js (2020-today)